Ciampino Airport Taxi
Ciampino airport Taxi
Ciampino airport Taxi

Ciampino Airport Taxi

Taking a taxi is another good option for getting from the airport into the center of Rome, although as with all of the other choices there are certain pros and cons.

A benefit of this transportation option is the fact that you’ll be driven directly from the airport to your hotel or other accommodation in the city, compared to public transportation that might drop you off very far away from where you’re staying. So if you’re looking for the most direct route between the airport and the city it might be a good idea to take a taxi.

You will also get to use all of the storage space in the taxi for your own bags without having to compete for space with other people like on public transportation.

There’s a fixed rate of between €31 and €40 for taxis taking people from Ciampino airport to Rome, so be sure to tell your drive that you plan on being charged the fixed rate to avoid any scams. Tipping your driver is not required but it is recommended for good service.

However, note that because a taxi will have to get into the road traffic between the airport and the city you might have a longer journey than other transportation options such as trains. Depending on traffic the ride will take between 30 minutes and 60 minutes.

Ciampino Airport Taxi Fare

All taxis traveling from Ciampino airport to Rome’s center must adhere to a fixed fare of between €31 and €40 depending on your final destination, with higher fares for destinations beyond the city center. Tell your taxi driver when you get in the car that you are aware of the fixed fare so that they do not try to scam you by charging you much more. Helpfully, the fare is inclusive of all extra charges including luggage and other fees.

Fixed fares (each way) including all supplements, are as follows:

– Rome city center (within the Aurelian Walls): € 31

– Ostiense Station: € 31

– Tiburtina Station: € 36

– Fiumicino Airport: € 52

Taxi Companies operate from Ciampino Airport

The sole taxi company operating at Ciampino airport is called Rome Taxi and can be reached by telephone at either +39 06 0609 or +39 06 3570.

Taxi Capacity

Generally you will be traveling in a taxi with five seats, meaning they are limited to four passengers. This also means that luggage space will be limited to the trunk, so if you are traveling in a large group with many suitcases you might need more than one taxi. There are some larger minivan taxis that can seat up to eight people, and if you need this type of vehicle simply ask one of the taxi company representatives at the taxi pickup area.

Uber at Ciampino Airport

Ciampino airport does not allow UberX or UberPOOL — the cheapest versions of the Uber ride-hailing service — to operate at its facility, and only permits the far more expensive UberBlack that charges a lot more than taxis for the same distance. If you’re definitely hailing a ride from the airport, you should always choose a taxi over Uber for this reason.

Tips For Taking Taxis From Ciampino Airport To Rome

If you’ve decided to take a taxi from Ciampino airport to Rome after your flight has arrived, read on below for further specific tips about taking this particular mode of transport. You’ll learn everything that you need to know about how to get a taxi into the city, as well as important information including how to avoid scams and other crucial facts for your journey.

There is no requirement that you tip your taxi driver but if they give you a smooth and safe ride then it is considered good manners to tip them at least a few Euros.

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Ciampino Airport Taxi Location

It’s easy to find the taxi pickup area at the airport because it is located just outside of terminal, directly opposite to the main arrivals area. Once at the taxi pickup area simply get in the queue and wait for your turn to get your taxi into the city.

Ciampino Airport Taxi FAQ

No, always ignore any driver who comes up to you inside the airport building and claims to provide a discounted ride. These are unauthorized drivers and if they get into an accident then you will not be insured by their coverage, which means that you could then have to pay expensive medical bills in that event that you need any kind of hospital treatment.

Yes, official airport taxis will be painted white and have a sign saying “TAXI” on the roof. There should be additional identifying symbols on the doors, back and inside of the car.

Although you can get a public bus from the airport, taking a taxi has several advantages, including the fact that your luggage will be secure in the trunk of the car, you will not have to travel with any strangers, and you’ll be taken directly to the door of your destination in Rome.

If you are driving by taxi to a hotel or any other destination within the city’s Aurelian Walls then you will not be charged by meter and instead you’ll pay a flat fare of €31. Journeys to other destinations will be based on distance as calculated by a meter in the vehicle.

No, the flat rate for your journey to Rome will be charged per vehicle, not per person, so the fare will be the same whether you are traveling on your own or with companions.

No, tipping is not mandatory and you should not feel pressured to give your driver any more money than the fare, especially if you think that you didn’t get a safe and comfortable journey. But if you enjoyed your ride then you could tip your driver a few Euros as a thank you.

It depends on exactly where you are staying in Rome, but the city generally is about 15.1 kilometers (or just under 9.38 miles) from the main airport terminal building.

The average drive time between the two locations is roughly 25 to 30 minutes, but this can vary widely depending on how much traffic there is. The ride could be shorter late at night and at other quieter times on the road, and up to 60 minutes at busy periods like rush hour.

Taxis are typically available for picking passengers up from the airport at all hours of the day, every day of the week. That means you should be able to get a ride even if your flight faces a delay and arrives late at night or early in the morning, although the wait time may be longer.

Most taxis that operate at the airport are four-door cars that can seat the driver and four passengers, but if you are traveling in a larger group you can get a minivan for eight people.

The only Uber option available at Ciampino Airport is the expensive Uber Black luxury car service, with fares that are typically double or more what you would pay for a taxi.

Ciampino Airport

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