Ciampino Airport Car Hire

Another option is to rent a car and drive yourself from the airport into the city. A huge benefit of using a rental car is that you have complete independence and can drive at your own speed and even make stops along the way if you need to. And having a rental car means that you will be guaranteed a direct journey from the airport to wherever you’re staying in Rome.

You also won’t have to battle with other passengers on public transportation for luggage space, and can therefore use all of the space in the car for your own bags. That can be very important if you are traveling with a large groups that has a lot of suitcases.

But there are downsides of taking a rental car, including the fact that it will cost significantly more than taking any of the public transportation options. The cost of the car will vary depending on the size and model of rental vehicle that you choose. You’ll also have to pay for fuel, and most rental car companies expect you to fill the gas tank before you return the vehicle. A further cost is insurance, which is mandatory for you to get if you want to rent a car.

Also note that you’ll need to have a driver’s license before you can rent a car in Italy. The minimum age for renting a car is 18, but some companies set the minimum age at 21.

It’s recommended to make your holiday smoother that you book a rental car in advance online or by calling your preferred rental company. But you can also rent a car upon landing at the airport; simply follow the signs to the rental car area and you’ll see kiosks for various companies. This is also the same location that you need to go to pick up your pre-ordered rental car.

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Ciampino Airport

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