Ciampino Airport Train (Airlink)

The Italian train company Trenitalia launched a service in March 2019 that’s called Ciampino Airlink which connects passengers landing at the airport with downtown Rome.

Once you’ve landed at the airport and have collected your bags, simply follow the signs for the train service and you’ll find a bus stop for the Ciampino Airlink. This bus connection departs from the airport roughly every 20 minutes and takes passengers to the Ciampino train station. Once there you will get off the bus and get on the train that travels into Rome, making some stops along the way before its final destination of Rome’s Termini station.

The journey typically takes about 60 minutes, so it’s not the best option if you are trying to get into the city as quickly as possible. And you’ll still have to get from Termini station to wherever you’re staying in the city, which might require a taxi if it’s far from that location.

But a huge benefit is the fact that a one-way ticket from the airport to Rome only costs €2.70 (Bus + Train), making it an ideal option for any travelers that are on a tight budget.

Please note that trains only have a limited amount of storage space, so if you are traveling with many suitcases then this might not be the best option. Further, the train can be crowded at peak travel times so you might not get a seat if your arrival is at a busy time.

Ciampino Airlink Prices

The price of the Ciampino Airlink ticket for travelling on bus and train to Rome Termini, valid for one journey, is € 2.70 per person


  • Children under the age of 4;
  • Small dogs (with certificate of registration with the canine registry), cats and other small domestic animals in the appropriate carrier;
  • Guide dogs for the blind and partially sighted;
  • Luggage with no size limits.

All bus and train services have dedicated seats for people with reduced mobility.

Extra information

Discounts or reductions on the ATRAL portion are not allowed.

You can buy your Ciampino Airlink ticket on all Trenitalia sales channels:

  • Trenitalia app
  • Self-service points at the station
  • Lottomatica’s LisPaga
  • SisalPay
  • Banca5 points of sale

The Ciampino Airlink ticket for the Ciampino – Ciampino Airport route cannot be purchased individually on Trenitalia’s systems and points of sale.

Ciampino Airport

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