Ciampino Airport Metro

Thankfully Ciampino airport has many excellent different public transportation options for getting into Rome, and another choice is using the Metro subway system.

It’s the best option if you are staying at a hotel or other accommodation that is located on the Metro Line A anywhere before the Termini station, for example if you’re staying in the Esquiline (Manzoni) or San Giovanni. For all other locations you might want to consider another way to get from the airport to the city center, because Metro is not necessarily the best choice.

To take the Metro from Ciampino airport, after you’ve landed and have collected your luggage you should follow the signs to the bus stops outside the airport. From there you should board the bus that is heading toward the Metro station called Anagnina. This bus departs roughly between every 30 minutes and 40 minutes and will cost you €1.20 for a one-way journey, with the added cost of €1.20 for each item of luggage that you have with you.

Once the bus has arrived at Anagnina, which is on the Metro Line A, you will board the subway and then you can ride it to either the Esquiline, San Giovanni, or Termini stations. The journey should take between 15 minutes and 20 minutes depending on which station you need.

The very low cost of this bus and subway combination is one of the main factors in its favor, and if you are trying to save money while on your holiday you should consider this option.

But note that as with other types of public transportation it could be very hard to find space for your bags or seats if you’re traveling at a particularly busy time.


Ciampino Airport

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